Open format mixes and reality radio from DJ MoMRadio.
Made in Manhattan 2001
Streaming Live Daily

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Soulectro +Boutique Lounge Sound+

Audio Theater + Reality Radio

Mix One: Soulectro featuring 'No Master & Unmastered' Soulectro Mix
I know what you're thinking. 'You're opening act is crayludes, DJ'. Word, Ah know. I don't give a shit. Her spit is fire.

Mix Two: Boutique Lounge Sound featuring 'I Do What I Want' Mix
The Boutique Lounge Sound was inspired by efforts to please an ecclectic crowd with a little edge and lot of style. This is somewhere in New York somewhere.

Mix Three: Audio Theater featuring 'Robot loves SIRI' Episode 5
If you've been listening to Robot loves SIRI, the DJ is me. The bot's a real handful and and I bet he's dying for season II.

Mix Four: Reality Radio featuring 'It's Day or Night' Episode 4
Inspired by the term 'drink up it must be 5'oclock somewhere' I call this show it's day or night. Just La Vie. Let your mind roam and also here's some tunes.

B´st of Net:™ Magazine Contributing Editor Print

Mixed Media Audio

Musicians have some new options. New ways to be on the internet. B´st of Net:™ Magazine, Radio and URLTV.US promotes new media and indie art business. I have a little say around those parts. 16 Bars .live is an interactive platform that should be fun for spoken word and freestyle jammers. Mostly, I'm getting ready for the exodus to sansosh.

Curator URLTV.US Channel 3

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